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This is your chance. That business plan you’ve been working on? We want to see it. Curious about the start-up scene and wish you could support? That time has come.



May 6 – May 25

We are looking to donate $25,000 to a deserving entrepreneur with an intriguing and strategic business plan for a consumer goods company. Submit your application and video before May 25.

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May 26 – June 15

Our panel will select the three finalists, and we’ll provide the cash - $25,000 in seed money.

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June 16 – June 24

Just like our friends who supported us, you can get involved by voting to select which of our 3 finalists wins.

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June 27

How’s $25,000 sound? Time to meet our winner and celebrate the start of a dream realized. Their hustle is only beginning.

Meet The Winner


Kuli Kuli

Oakland, CA

Kuli Kuli is the first company to introduce moringa, an incredibly nutritious super-leaf, to the U.S. market. We hope to help moringa earn its rightful place alongside superfoods like chia and acai. In doing so, we hope to use the US market as a catalyst to improve nutrition and livelihoods in West Africa where we source our moringa.


Shine Craft Vessel Co.

Richmond, VA

Shine Craft Vessel Co. creates premium, well-designed beer growlers and will expand into barware. Jordan Childs started Shine Vessels in early 2014 to complement the national craft beer trend with reusable barware that appeals to design lovers as much as beer enthusiasts, with a portion of every sale going to food and natural resource sustainability initiatives.



Pittsburgh, PA

Thread upcycles trash from impoverished nations and transforms it into dignified jobs and responsible fabrics for use in consumer goods. While visiting Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, Ian Rosenberger noticed an abundance of trash and a desire to work, which he combined to found Thread.

Meet the Winner


Advice from wise mentors proved just as important as the funding. We’re four years in, and we’ve learned a thing or two about the challenges of launching a business. Our founders, the Pauls, will not only select the three finalists, but also contribute as mentors in the first year of the business. A few of our friends will help them narrow the field.

Learn more about Ledbury.

Getting Down to Business

It’s time to apply. You’ve been working on a business plan, now it’s time to take that risk and launch. We're taking this seriously - $25,000 means something to us. We are looking for viable, exciting business plans from passionate entrepreneurs who share our values of quality and craftsmanship. In addition, our founders, the Pauls, will provide mentorship for the first year of the business, and our friends at Refersal and Recurve will provide free brand awareness campaigns as well as strategy support.

To apply, simply complete the following application and provide a video. Download this guide to read about our criteria, selection process, and full list of rules.

Applications closed. Winner announced June 27.


We encourage you to search our Freqently Asked Questions for answers, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.



What is the Ledbury Launch Fund?

The Ledbury Launch Fund is the initiative started by Ledbury in 2014 to inspire the next wave of consumer product entrepreneurs by donating $25,000 in seed money to fund start-ups. From its early stages, Ledbury has relied on others to help grow our business, and now we have the opportunity to pay it forward.

What are the program rules?

For a complete list of program rules, please download our guidelines document.

What is the program timeline?

Please visit our program timeline here.

What is the prize?

The winner of the Ledbury Launch Fund will receive $25,000 seed money to help grow their consumer goods company. These funds are not in exchange for equity ownership, but rather a donation toward a deserving entrepreneur. Paul Trible and Paul Watson, co-founders of Ledbury, will also mentor the winner for a year.

Our friends at Refersal will offer two free digital customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns, while our friends at Recurve Services, a firm specializing in putting startups on a path to growth, will provide an intensive, one-day strategy workshop.



How can I apply for the Ledbury Launch Fund?

It’s simple. Just visit and fill out the short application.

Who can apply?

We are looking for consumer goods entrepreneurs (e.g. food & beverages, apparel & accessories, home goods, etc.) to apply. These businesses must be based in the United States. Your business may be a start-up or may have already launched; you cannot have received any institutional funding yet.

How do I know if my application has been received?

You will receive a confirmation screen upon submitting your application as well as a confirmation email when your application has been received.

If I’m selected as a finalist, what if I’m not available for the photo shoot?

In order to be eligible to be a finalist, you must be available for the finalist photo shoot to be scheduled between May 30 and June 6, 2014. If you are not available, we will have to invite an alternate applicant to be a finalist in your place.

Where will the finalist photo shoot take place?

Our team will either come to your hometown or mutually agreed upon location in the continental United States or cover your expenses to visit us in Richmond. This will be determined closer to the date.

Selection & Voting

Selection & Voting

What are the criteria for selection?

Entries will be judged equally on the quality, originality, potential, scalability and feasibility of their submissions.

Who selects the finalists?

The finalist will be selected by a panel of judges, including our founders, Paul Trible and Paul Watson, TODAY and Morning Joe anchor Willie Geist and University of Richmond Robins School of Business dean Richard Coughlan. They will use the aforementioned criteria to determine the finalist.

How will the finalists be notified?

The finalist will be notified via email and phone once the decision is finalized.

When is the voting time period?

The voting period is June 16-23, 2014.

Who can vote for a finalist?

Anyone can vote for the finalist. However, each unique email address can vote only once per day during the voting period.

How can I vote for a finalist?

In order to vote for a finalist, please visit, during the aforementioned voting period.

How do I encourage my network to vote for me?

Some suggestions are to share our page, write up a small description of your business to share or just simply ask.

What are the voting rules?

Voting rules are only one vote per unique email address, and the finalist who receives the most votes wins!



How will the prize be paid out?

The prize will be paid out in a lump sum. The recipient of the award will be responsible for his/her own taxes.

Is there a restriction on how the prize can be used?

The money must be used for the purposes of the winner’s business. Any other uses of the money will result in disqualification and renouncement of the prize.





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