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Erik Peterson

The quality of this shirt is outstanding! I'm extremely impressed with the look, fit, and feel.


Overall great shirt but for a slim fit, it's not very form fitting.

Javier F

This is my third Ledbury shirt. I have trouble finding shirts that fit me well as I am on the small size spectrum. Ledbury builds a perfect combination of small fitted shirt and elegant cut that reminds me of the feeling of the most prestigious European shirtmakers


A friend of mine turned my onto this brand and I am so happy for that. This is the first shirt that I have ordered and it fits perfectly. It's my new favorite shirt and I have to actively avoid wearing it too much. I can't wait to order more stuff.


Perfect fit!


great shirt. exactly what I wanted and made perfect


I was dubious at first--the colors seem off to me, but it was me. I just wasn't ready to wear such a bold shirt. Then I remembered "ah, it's October" and this really is a shirt for blue skies and Spring days. Once you come to the realization that this is for sun shine and optimism, you'll love it. My only reservation is that it is likely almost too bold to be covered up by a suit. This really is a shirt for a sport coat or shirtsleeves only.


Overall, I'm very pleased. The fabric seems to be of excellent quality; at least it feels great against my skin. I also love the pattern - it looks exactly like it does in the photos. The best thing about this shirt, though, is the tail. It is very long...I'm 6'1" and I don't have any problems with it coming untucked. I wish more shirtmakers did this.


Great shirt, attention-grabbing pattern/colors without being obnoxious. It holds up well in the wash & doesn't fade (follow Ledbury instructions to wash in cold water on gentle cycle). One of my favorites. Notes: -usually some thread still hanging from buttons -the button on the sleeve placket is very close to the edge (though it has held up great so far) --the collars fit more snug than other similar sized dress shirts (explains rating of 4 stars instead of 5). I normally wear a 15 in other brands and have the standard "two-fingers" space between my neck and the collar. A 15 in Ledbury takes me about 20 seconds to finally get it buttoned because it is so snug...but I am afraid to go up a size because the fit on the rest of the shirt is perfect.

Mike S.

One of my favorite shirts from Ledbury. I wear it both to work and out at night. The fit is perfect, although I always need to tighten up my right cuff a little as they slip over my non-watch hand as the day goes on.