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Ryan G.

Great shirt....fit's amazing. I love 2 pocket shirts and they are hard to find. My new favorite shirt.


This is a staple shirt for a wardrobe. It's classy for almost any occasion (I'd argue all of them) but can also serve a casual look for a quick trip to the store too. My point is, it has range. The material is soft and thicker than a normal shirt too so you feel protected. Doesn't get too warm but layers really well (recommend a nice jacket). Oh and roll the sleeves and you'll be one sharp looking dude.


Gorgeous cloth and color. Quite unusual -- shows purplish in some light, like fluorescents, so office denizens, take note. I take a star off for the lack of collar stays. The collar will roll nicely, but there's no telling how durable this will be and maybe my fears are unfounded. I don't want it to end up looking sloppy. Also, the subtle Western styling of the pockets, which have points at the tip of the flaps isn't obvious from the description on the site, where it should be noted. Also, what's interesting is mine came with cardboard labeled the shirt as being "Warsaw" style -- as I'm of Polish heritage, that's fine with me, but you might mistake it as being apparel for a very stylish Polish cowboy. Ride on and lets grab a vodka at the next saloon...