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Tait Simpson

I wore this shirt at my wedding and it's a fine piece of clothing.


I own 10+ Ledbury shirts and I am a huge fan. However, this white twill is my first of the "new"/redesigned slim fit shirts with larger cuffs and no darts. It is terrible. The cuffs are giant and could fit two of my wrist and the shirt is no longer cut for slim fit despite the claim. It has a lot of extra fabric around the middle. The twill is excellent but I am depressed if this is the future of Ledbury's slim fit shirts as it seems they have made them more classic cut; very sad. I am buying the old style slim fits before they convert to this new cut.

Nick C.

Great shirt, especially the collar, best of any shirt in my closet.

Michael H.

This is now the third shirt that I own from Ledbury. This one doesn't disappoint either. The 15 inch neck fit well. It feels great and doesn't easily wrinkle. Quality is still top-notch.