About the Program

What is Shirts for Every Season?

The “Shirts For Every Season” program is good for one shirt per season for one year. Our in-house personal stylists will provide one-on-one consultation to determine size, fit, and style preferences. At the start of each season, the recipient will receive exclusive early access to our newest collection of shirts and can pick a shirt valued at up to $165. Shirts For Every Season is priced at $495; that’s four shirts for the cost of three.

How does Shirts For Every Season work?

Shirts for Every Season - Step 1
Shirts for Every Season - Step 2
Shirts for Every Season - Step 3

Can I use this to buy four shirts at once?
No. The program is designed to get you the first pick from our seasonal releases all year long, and is not a one-use bundle offer.

What shirts are eligible for Shirts For Every Season?
Only our seasonally released shirts are eligible. This excludes our core dress shirts*.

How long does Shirts For Every Season last?
The program begins with the current seasonal collection of shirts, and continue through the next three consecutive seasonal releases. The program will conclude after four seasonal collections have been made available and chosen from.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Free standard shipping is included with each of the four shipments, so you do not need to pay for shipping. Expedited shipping is available at the time of your order for an additional fee.

Is this a gift card?
No. This program is presented to offer exclusive access to seasonal releases throughout the year. It is not a stored value card. Think of it more as a subscription.

Can I apply a discount?
The program cannot be combined with any discounts when redeeming or purchasing.

Does Shirts For Every Season include tailoring?
No. The program includes four shirts and free standard shipping but does not cover the cost of tailoring.

Can I return the Shirts For Every Season program?
No. The Shirts For Every Season program is non-refundable.

*Our core dress shirts include the White, Blue, and Pink Fine Twill, Royal Oxford, The Brody Oxford, Tuxedo Shirts, The Blue Royal Oxford, The Rutherford 120, The Kingsley, The Urbana Box Check, The Cornwall Stripe, The Banker Stripe, The Gingham Poplin, and The Easley Houndstooth dress shirts.