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Collar button


Button-Down Collar



Mother-of-pearl with tension threading to ensure that they stay fastened for the life of your shirt.



A mid-weight 2-ply oxford cloth from Thomas Mason. A perfect year round fabric.

Cuff barrel


Single Button Barrel Cuff

Customer Reviews

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Great OCBD

My wife used to work for a custom clothing company, which is where I purchased the majority of my work wardrobe. After buying three Ledbury shirts (the first for my wedding), I have to say that the price point for these shirts is great. Ledbury slim fit shirts are as close to custom that I can find without any need for tailoring, and the fabric is much better quality than I could afford to buy for custom shirts. I plan to buy many more in the future.


Almost Perfect

Like many of you have written on this website, I was on the mailing list for a long time before I finally convinced myself to splurge on a Ledbury shirt. Tired of all the "non-iron" shirts that every store is selling these days, which are stiff and uncomfortable, I had found it to be nearly impossible to find a regular fabric (not "non-iron"), slim fitting shirt. So, I started with this basic blue slim-fit button down, and I am not disappointed. Great fabric, great fit, extremely comfortable. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it's missing a chest pocket and I had to pay extra to shorten the sleeves. I don't think that shirts in this price range should require an extra fee for a properly fitted sleeve. Finally, I think the care instructions are a bit unrealistic. Most people that spend in excess of $100 for a shirt don't wash and iron them themselves.


Wrinkles easily - disappointed first time buyer

After waiting for a year or so to splurge on my first Ledbury shirts, I have to say that I'm really disappointed. I followed the "Care Instructions" that came with the shirt (i.e. don't put in the dryer, iron while damp). Everything looked great in the morning when I put it on. However, after just a few hours of very mild motion in a standard office environment, deep creases started to take hold. I'm used to my shirts being wrinkled by the end of the day, maybe even after lunch. But this shirt started looking haggard after a few hours and looked awful by the end of the day. If I'd been traveling all day or something, then I'd understand. However, I was just shuffling from the cubicle to the conference room and back like any Dilbert character. After this experience, I'd rather spend half as much money on a Nordstrom brand shirt (like many I own) that will go at least half the day without looking sad.

William Baldwin

This is a well-made shirt, and a good value. I usually don't spend more than eighty bucks on my dress shirts, but I feel like I got a discernible increase in craftsmanship and fabric quality with this shirt, compared to less expensive shirts at Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren. You should know that this shirt is a shade more formal than the typical blue oxford: the fabric is a little finer, more like a pinpoint oxford, and has a bit of sheen. This doesn't make it less versatile, but does mean that you'll probably wear it to slightly different places than you would a typical OCBD: it's a bit much for a casual weekend lunch, but good for a weekday dinner that doesn't call for a jacket, and suitable for professional settings where other blue oxfords just aren't sharp enough.

Daniel Schuler

Truly a timeless classic shirt. A must have for any professional's wardrobe because of its versatility. The materials and craftsmanship that make a Ledbury shirt stand above the rest are imbedded in this product.