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Collar ledspread


Ledbury Spread. Slightly wider spread than the Anglo-American






Italian woven 2-fold cotton poplin. A perfect year-round cloth made from long staple yarn that responds well to vibrant color dyes. Fabric creates a cool an comfortable shirt that is not easily wrinkled.

Cuff barrel


Single button rounded cuff

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality

This is one of two Ledbury shirts I bought, and I've just purchased three more. Great quality -- fabric and fit. Also at a very competitive price. Love these shirts.


My first Ledbury shirt, but not my last. Beautifully designed shirt that fits perfectly. The collar is engineered to perfection.


I bought this shirt for a birthday present for my son. The quality of your shirts is unbelievable. The fabric is substantial and the collar is spot on. Really appreciate the nice selection of slim-fit styles and colors. Love your attention to every detail on the shirts and this blue check is wonderful.

Kat B.

It's difficult to find a nice, tailored shirt for my athletic husband. Since he has a V-taper shape, button down shirts at other retailers don't fit him well. On a whim, I purchased this Ledbury shirt to try it out and we're hooked! The Blue Starks shirt is longer in the back so that it doesn't come untucked when you sit down. It's a classic style that should last a long time. It's especially perfect to wear to a steeplechase race!

Zach Brown

I really like the solid construction of the shirt, the material is great for summer but substansial enough to go all year. Collar is very good, thicker, doesnt lose its shape or curl up like some shirts.

Aaron D.

This was my first Ledbury shirt, and there will be many more. It delivers on all the reasons I bought it: perfect fit, clean feel, great button placement, and easy cleaning. The pattern on this shirt can be used for both work and play, which is great for spring and summer evenings going out to drinks after the workday. With this one shirt, Ledbury became one of my favorite brands.

Javier F

Great shirt. Classic style with fresh colors. It fits true to size and is custom fitted, yet not tight. One of my most favourite in the collection


Sharp Shirt. I am constantly looking for a true slim fit and good material at a reasonable price. Ledbury nails it. For reference I am 6'3" and about 195 and the 16/35 fits perfectly. I have had more comments on this shirt and the tux shirt than any others in my wardrobe from Kiton to Ralph Lauren Black Label. I will be buying more. Thanks Ledbury. Excellent shirt.