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Collar alden


The Alden Spread Collar; compared to the Ledbury Spread Collar points are shorter and the spread more narrow.



Mother-of-pearl with tension threading to ensure that they stay fastened for the life of the shirt.



Italian woven 2-fold cotton poplin. A perfect year-round cloth made from long staple yarn that responds well to vibrant color dyes. Fabric creates a cool an comfortable shirt that is not easily wrinkled.

Cuff barrel


Single button rounded cuff.

Customer Reviews

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A Civil Engineer

Love the pattern and spread collar. Pair with a gray tie.

Bill K.

This is a spectular shirt. Purple is my favorite color, so anytime I see a purple shirt like this I have to buy it. The pattern is very understated versus the bolder checks we have been seeing lately. I wish the top button was .5 to 1 cm higher. It feels a bit too low. Also, I wish the shirt tale was a little shorter to be worn untucked. Otherwise great shirt, fabric, and craftsmanship!

Shin Kim

I love a dress shirt that fits well and is made with great fabric. I own slim fit dress shirts from Brooks Brother, Jcrew's, ClubMonaco, Hugo Boss, SuitSupply, and Ralph Lauren (not black label)... and this shirt from Ledbury fits the best. I am very impressed with this fit.. This slim fit has nice tailored sides.. as if I had it tailored to my body. it doesn't leave much fabric hanging out on the side when it's tucked in. The armpit rise is nice and high so that it feels like it's shaped to your entire arm - it tucks in to your armpit really well. The cutaway collar is great with a tie and stands up nice even without one. The quality of the fabric is also great. It isn't the soft as a Thomas Mason 120's thread, but it feels durable and doesn't wrinkle too easily. I'm sure Ledbury has other shirts with higher thread count if you choose to spend more $. I'm very happy with my first purchase!


Great color and patterm. I like the cut of the spread collar as well. Great shirt in general.


This is a fantastic shirt. I've been looking for a small check purple shirt for a while now and this one turned out to be the perfect choice. This was actually my first Ledbury purchase and, after 2 wears and a great experience overall, I will definitely be buying others. The fabric is extremely comfortable and the fit truly is supreme (I wear a size 15). I was worried about the arm length initially since I'm closer to a 32" than a 33", but after a wash, the sleeves came up a bit. Looking back, I may have opted to have the sleeves taken up 1", but I can have my tailor do this for me if I decide to do so. I generally roll my sleeves up to mid forearm anyway so it's not a big deal for me. Overall, awesome shirt - buy it and you won't be disappointed. Aside from the shirt itself, the entire process was great... I think I received my package in 2 business days, and the return policy is unmatched.


Amazing fit and great color. Thanks Ledbury... keep it coming!


This is a great shirt, made from fantastic material. Holds up well in the wash (cold, gentle.) The collar is overly snug for a size 16 shirt, but the body fits great. I have the same issues w/ other Ledbury shirts and I typically have the top button moved by my dry cleaner for $1. Otherwise this shirt would receieve 5/5 stars.


Great versatile shirt - love it!


This is a fantastic shirt. I'm a huge fan of the cutaway collar on this shirt. It looks great under a grey sport coat, or with jeans.