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fabric Luxurious 2-fold 120 cotton poplin. An incredibly soft and smooth cloth made from long staple yarn that responds well to vibrant color dies.
collar Anglo-American
fit Classic Fit. A flattering look on men of all shapes and sizes. Also available in Slim Fit, click here.
cuff Single Button Rounded Cuff
buttons Mother-of-pearl with tension threading to ensure that buttons stay fastened for the life of the garment.

Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 (1 customer rating)

May 2, 2013

Overall Rating 

by Sam

Aside from the sleeve length, I think this is probably the greatest shirt ever made. It is soft, light, and breathes well; the buttons are thin, sturdy, and beautiful; the pattern has timeless appeal, and the construction is paralleled by none. The first time I wore the shirt, I marveled at the its deceptive ability to keep its form; it seems that a shirt this light and comfortable would wrinkle or tear, but it is evident from the stitching and density of the weave that this shirt will outlast everything else in my closet. My only complaint, and it is not one that warrants giving the shirt a lesser rating, is that the sleeves are a bit short on me. Unfortunately, without longer sleeves, this shirt really is not wearable--at least with a suit jacket, where some of the shirt sleeve should show--for me or anyone else with arms as relatively long as mine. I am 6' 3", 180 pounds, and my arm span is probably 6' 5" or so. Ordinarily, I wear Thomas Pink size 16 Slim Fit shirts, which fit me better but are probably inferior in almost every other way. Ledbury Customer Service has assured me that longer sleeves are in the works for certain sizes, and, with any luck, eventually all sizes. My fingers are crossed.