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Collar ledspread


Ledbury Spread Collar



Mother-of-pearl with tension threading to ensure buttons stay fastened for the life of the shirt.



Italian woven 2-fold cotton poplin. A perfect year-round cloth made from long staple yarn that responds well to vibrant color dyes. A cool and comfortable shirt that is not easily wrinkled.

Cuff barrel


Single button rounded cuff

Customer Reviews

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Ken Carter

I'm very pleased with this shirt. It's well made and handsome, but what I appreciated the most was the ability to order a neck size that's comfortable, and then tailor the sleeves so they fit. This is a very handy feature for an internet order shirt and that alone would have me coming back. However, I'm also impressed with the wide range of styles and patterns available on the site. Ledbury will be a go-to source for me now.

Kyle Hathaway

I have spent the last several years trying to find the perfect "dress" shirt. I am 5'11" and a marathon runner, so most shirts tend to be excessively large on me. After discovering Ledbury, I followed their sizing guide, and ended up settling on the Morgan Check. I have gotten a ton of compliments from my business school classmates who recognize its great fit and fine craftsmanship. I would highly recommend this shirt! Thanks, Ledbury