The Pink Airtex Dress Shirt

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The Pink Airtex is perfect for vacation or a breezy, summer day. This richly-saturated pink shirt has a unique, mesh-like texture and is constructed with a special giro Inglese weave--a diamond-like basket weave that allows the shirt to be extremely airy and breathable. This shirt is constructed from 100% cotton, sourced from Europe's finest mills. Finished with the new Ledbury Quintessential collar. Available in tailored fit.


  • Fabric: 100% Cotton, sourced from Europe's finest mills.
  • Collar: The Ledbury Quintessential collar; finished with a canvassed interlining to prevent unwanted folding and collar collapse.
  • Cuff: Double button barrel cuff
  • Fit: Available in tailored fit.
  • Buttons: A lowered second button creates the perfect "V" at the neckline, and prevents the shirt from being buttoned too high or too low. Reinforced buttons with tension threading to ensure they stay fastened for the life of the shirt.
  • Details + Care

    Gentle machine or hand wash in cold water only. Hang or lay flat to dry, as machine drying can cause shrinkage. Remove collar stays before laundering. Avoid excessive heat and use little to no starch to prolong the life of the shirt.