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Collar midspread


Mid-Spread Collar: A contemporary version of the traditional point collar.



Mother of Pearl



Italian woven 2-fold extra fine twill. Intricate ribbed weave provides just a small bit of texture to enhance the look. Very smooth to the touch and easily ironed.

Cuff barrel


Single Button Barrel Cuff

Customer Reviews

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Great shirt....

Fit is perfect! Fabric/collar is sturdy and doesn't flatten out like lesser shirts. Very pleased.


This is a great shirt. The fabric is very nice and substantial, which makes me think it will last a long time. The fit is excellent. The collar and cuffs were perfect for me. If you are looking for a trimmer, more modern look without being over the top, try this shirt.

Mike S

- great shirt, i love the fit and the length. It doesn't matter if you move around the bottom never pops out to have to re tuck. Nice and slim around the mid section no giant puff on your back. Only downside is you really need to dry clean it every time to make sure no wrinkles.


An excellent shirt overall. The collar is definitely more snug than the one on a Brooks Brothers slim fit shirt. If you usually get a 15" from BB, I would go with the 15.5" for this shirt. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no issues at all with the cuffs. There was plenty of room for my watch. In fact I wouldn't want the cuffs to be any bigger otherwise they wouldn't fit properly under my suit jacket. Fabric is not non-iron, but still very nice with an extremely subtle sheen.


Perfect collar, fabric, and fit. I wore this out to Valentine's Day dinner and got many compliments -- not on the shirt, but my general appearance. A good white shirt should fit in as part of a whole like that. I have had no issue with the collar or cuffs being too tight, though I hang dry and wear a thin watch. If you must own just one white shirt, this is it.


1 of my 5 Ledbury shirts. This is the only one of my that I don't wear all that often. The buttons on the cuffs are strategically placed so that it is difficult to wear a watch under. This is the only Ledbury shirt that I've had the problem with and I'll likely have a tailor move the buttons to allow more room under the cuff.


Awesome everyday work shirt. Looks great under a slim-cut suit. Durability is fantasic (holds up well in the wash if you follow Ledbury instructions to wash in cold water on gentle cycle). Notes: -usually some thread still hanging from buttons -the button on the sleeve placket is very close to the edge (though it has held up great so far) --the collars fit more snug than other similar sized dress shirts. I normally wear a 15 in other brands and have the standard "two-fingers" space between my neck and the collar. A 15 in Ledbury takes me about 20 seconds to finally get it buttoned because it is so snug...but I am afraid to go up a size because the fit on the rest of the shirt is perfect. Rated at 5 stars even with the areas that have room for improvement because the shirt wears so well as an evening shirt, suit/tie shirt, or casual/daily running around town shirt. Unbutton the top button for the perfect "V" or tighten it down and wear a tie; no matter what, this shirt will wear well for most occasions.