Our Story


It all started with a simple problem: finding a great-fitting shirt.

After years in London, we developed a passion for the tailoring of Savile Row and the shirting of Jermyn Street. On our trips back to the States, we were always frustrated by the lack of offerings in menswear. Big-name men’s retailers sold formless clothes and luxury brands charged exorbitant prices. It seemed like there was a real need for a brand that focused on great fit and superb quality, all at an attainable price.

This idea became an obsession while attending business school at Oxford, leading to a rash of sketched designs and a business plan on the back of an envelope. The day after graduation, one of the world’s largest investment banks collapsed - the economy headed south.

There was plenty of panic, but also opportunity. On a day when he should have been interviewing, Paul (Trible) walked to Jermyn Street, approached one of London’s premiere shirtmakers and explained to him that he wanted to learn the art of shirt making. The tailor thought Paul was some insane American but agreed to meet for a beer. One pint became four, one meeting became three and eventually the tailor said yes.

For the better part of a year, Trible's days were spent learning shirt making and Watson's spent learning the operations behind the business, while nights were spent crafting the business plan in the back of a pub on London’s Ledbury Road.

Life went from crunching Excel spreadsheets to measuring cuffs and collars, and after countless attempts, we came up with a shirt that was not only of superior fit and quality, but also subtly improved upon the classic men’s design.

We knew that anything we created would reflect our roots in Virginia and Louisiana. Today, we are headquartered in a renovated tobacco warehouse in Richmond, Virginia and loving every minute of it.

We hope you enjoy our work and, as always, we welcome your input. Our goal is to build a brand grounded in our core values of great fit and superb quality. We truly appreciate you getting involved.

Paul and Paul

Founders, Ledbury