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jeffrey marcus

Loving my Ledbury shirts. Wish they made more sleeve sizes, otherwise fits well. Bought three shirts,and plan to buy more. Keep up the good work. And please try to not stray to far from your core, SHIRTS !


Awesome shirt; it fits perfectly, and looks great with several of my suits, as well as just casual. Excellent service from Ledbury, too.


Overall impression: The slim fit Black Parker Gingham offers a fit that approaches tailored and standout gingham print that has a high level of versatility - over jeans, chinos, dress slacks, grey suit pants, and under a blazer, suit or sport coat, waxed cotton jacket, cashmere or merino sweater, or pullover. An excellent addition to any wardrobe. Fit: The slim fit displays well on my 6', 180lb frame. I wear a 16.5" x 35, and the sleeves rest at the top of my wrist, as they should. The barrel cuffs aren't too tight but do not offer adjustability. The cut is not for casual, un-tucked wear due to its long front and tail. Which is fine. The shirt offers space in the torso without leading to the dreaded "blousing" effect when tucked in pants, without sacrificing range of movement. In other words, it holds close to the body, stays tucked in, and doesn't include excess fabric through the waist. Finally, the collar is quite tall, about the same height in the front as a dollar bill. Around the back it looks to be about 1.5" tall. The spread style allows for regular sized tie knots and frames the face very well, in my view. Material: This is my first Thomas Mason shirt. The poplin is soft to the touch without being suffocating. In fact, there have been several times where I forgot I was wearing a shirt at all, which is different that some poplins that I've worn that have felt somewhat abrasive. Looks: Compliments abound. I've worn it over denim, khaki colored chinos, with a grey suit and blue grenadine tie, and under a navy sport coat with medium grey gabardine slacks. It's harder to look bad in it than it is to look good. Which is good. Price: A custom shirtmaker in my town does Thomas Mason shirts at $225 per, which is a testament to the relative price advantage of this shirt. Still, $135 isn't inexpensive, and I was able to catch a sale and use a store credit I earned. It is certainly worth the price, but if you haven't purchased from here before or have credits (or patience), you may feel better about taking that path. Final Word: I'm very satisfied with this shirt and would recommend it to anyone expanding out from staple white and blue dress shirts who desire versatility.

Ahmad Alduaij

Excellent quality and perfect fit