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D Jones

great belt

love this belt! It dresses up any casual shirt/pants combo great quality and craftmanship

B. Dunn

Beautiful Belt but leather was scratched up

This is a great looking belt with quality leather combined with a classy and unique buckle. However, I bought this as a gift for my father's 65th birthday. Unfortunately, the belt had scratches and scrapes near the end where the holes are - so right in front. I didn't notice this until my old man put on the belt (the plastic bag the belt came in shielded the damage while I wrapped it). My guess is I was sent a belt that was returned by another customer. I am disappointed in the fact that I was sent a product which was damaged - especially when giving it as a gift to someone special. This is not the superior quality that I have come to expect from Ledbury as I have purchased or received as gifts about half a dozen shirts over the past few years.

William Almond

This belt is great it was a gift from me to a friend of mine who had recently graduated law school. It was a huge hit with all of our friends and a great gift I will be soon purchasing one for myself.

Oliver Doxtater

I love this belt. I get compliments on it constantly. The leather is thick and will wear well over time.