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We live by the belief that a few well-made items are better than many that are not. Our goal is to set trend aside and make great-fitting, exceptional quality clothing that can be worn in any setting and by any generation. Our top 100 customers own over 100 shirts apiece.

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Shop our Made-to-Order collection for an endless combination of fit, neck, body length, and sleeve sizes to ensure the perfect fit.


A slightly lowered second button creates the perfect "v" at the neckline. Buttons wrapped in tension threading ensure they stay on for life. You'll notice our attention to detail.


Our shirts are covered by the Ledbury 60 Day Guarantee. Wear it, wash it, repeat. If you have any issues, we will take it back, worry free. Learn More

Meet the Founders

Who We Are

Our roots are in the American South - Virginia and New Orleans - but we first met in England in our twenties. It was there, on London's Jermyn Street, where we worked alongside one of the city's finest shirtmakers.

Our mills and factories

How we work

Ledbury menswear is made up to our meticulous quality standards - our goal is to make the best shirt you've ever owned.

We source our fabric from century-old European and Japanese textile mills - giving our shirts the best possible quality and handfeel. From there, our shirts are cut and sewn by our industry-leading production partners in Vietnam, Poland, and Turkey, who are global leaders in sustainable apparel manufacturing and product quality. True to who we are, they also meet stringent international standards for working conditions and labor practices.

We are proud to work with some of the best artisans in the world.

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