Ledbury is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this fall. Whenever we get the opportunity to reflect, we think of those that have been with us along the way. Our friend Randy has been with us since we got started. We named The Esler Brushed Plaid in his namesake and thought fit to hear from him as we celebrate our anniversary. Read the recount of his journey with us below.

Wow, Ledbury's 10 year anniversary, hard to believe it's been that long since I first discovered the Ledbury brand, quite by accident, in searching the web for the latest in men's fashion. And, I must admit, I was first smitten by that 'Ledbury' look -- sharp and professional with that unmistakable flair for color and pattern. So I called and much to my surprise, Paul, co-owner of Ledbury, actually picked up the phone and assisted me in determining the right fit and optimal selection given my rather drab and dated existing wardrobe. And, to allay any concerns, Paul exclaimed: "not to worry, if it doesn't fit or you're not completely satisfied, just give me a call and you can return for exchange or credit, return shipping on us". With that, I placed my initial dress shirt order and was thrilled when my order arrived, right on time, 2 days later. In opening the Ledbury box, I found a welcoming personal note from Paul, totally unexpected, and much to my delight I fell in love with not only the shirt but Ledbury as well. Paul, indeed, had personally made me feel part of the Ledbury family!

One of the hallmarks of Ledbury has always been Customer Service and unlike any such experience for me, Ledbury's Customer Service is unsurpassed. I've not only received fashion advice from Paul but from countless others over the years who have fulfilled Paul's role most admirably. And, as Ledbury has grown, these same individuals have moved on to other prominent positions within Ledbury. Yet, this same level and commitment to customer satisfaction remain today under the tutelage of Michael C., Customer Service Manager. We've all heard of some of the great customer-centric names in retailing, Nordstrom, etc., however, I have never seen such a commitment as embodied by these same individuals, truly second to none. It's why I remain such a loyal and longstanding customer... I'm made to feel part of the company, the reason for their existence, and I'm always greeted with a smile and pleasant voice.

Over the years as Ledbury expanded their collection from shirts to other clothing, including, sweaters, I dropped Paul a line to inquire about a sweater choice. I was uncertain if this beautiful crew sweater was to be worn with a shirt, or without, and if with a shirt, what size, M or L. A couple days later I received a Ledbury package, sweater enclosed, with a kind note from Paul exclaiming that I should try the sweater and if I like it, keep it, no cost! To say my wife and I were astounded would be an understatement... what an incredible gesture, and I think of this every time I wear the sweater, really quite unbelievable and so appreciated!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of the hallmarks of Ledbury . . . Quality! Everything I have purchased from Ledbury is not only fashion-forward but of the highest quality as well. Paul scours the world, Italy and beyond, to find the very best textile mills offering an unsurpassed level of quality and workmanship. It's evident in their products, whether shirts, slacks, sport coats, shorts, sweaters (absolutely love these), and even pocket squares! Never to be disappointed, it's clear each and every clothing article is scrutinized for its pattern, texture, and quality. All to ensure you'll be thrilled with your purchase, which in my case over 10 years, has 'always' been the case.

As Ledbury has grown, likewise has my wardrobe, initially shirts, of course; however, Ledbury now encompasses nearly my entire closet. The purchase of my first Ledbury sport coat was so special, perfect fit, incredible quality, beautiful tailoring, striking in color, what an experience! Slacks, initially Richmond and more recently, Franklin, fit perfectly, again with an eye to quality right down to the leather Ledbury patch located on the back waistband. Italian Sweaters, my favorites, are absolutely beautiful and will keep for a lifetime. Polo shirts in the softest of fabrics pair perfectly with Ledbury shorts. Ties and pocket squares complete the look with beautiful textiles, patterns, and colors. And, even though my shirts number well past... let's just say a LOT, there's always just one more you can't live without!

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And, others take notice, as I've received many compliments over the years. Many, including my wife, tell me I'm lucky to find a brand that fits so perfectly. To which I agree, but I would add that I feel lucky to have found such a brand that continues to evolve as fashion is ever-changing. Yet, I must admit, I've yet to retire a piece of Ledbury clothing, a true testament to keeping 'in step' with the times. Most importantly though, it's the Ledbury experience that keeps me and countless others coming back. Like others, you've made me feel part of the Ledbury family, part of your success, and I look most forward to experiencing what your future may bring. Thank you, Ledbury, on behalf of all your customers as you celebrate a phenomenal 10 years!

Randy Esler

Randy, we can't thank you enough! We hope you love The Esler Brushed Plaid. All the best from The Ledbury Team.

October 18, 2019 — Graham McNeely