You deserve a shirt that fits

Made to Order

Save 25% when you buy 3 or more made to order shirts

The Perfect Shirt
Available in 3 fits, multiple collar styles, and endless combinations of neck and sleeve lengths.
Guaranteed to Fit
You have 60 days to try out your custom shirt. If its not the perfect fit, you can return or exchange it hassle-free.
Made for You
Your shirt is cut and sewn to your measurements - eliminating unneccessary fabric waste.

Best Selling Made to Order Shirts

Wardrobe Foundations

Essential Dress Shirts

A collection of essential dress shirts that are the foundation to any wardrobe.

Photo of a model walking on a beach wearing a striped blue and white oxford button down shirt and sunglasses.
The Essentials

Oxford & Indigo

If we were forced to have only two shirts in our closet, they would be an Oxford and an Indigo. These pair-with-anything textured styles can be dressed up or down and worn comfortably 365 days a year.

Light and Breezy

Warm Weather Casual

Lightweight and breathable styles that are perfect for warmer days.

Layer up

Cool Weather Classics

A collection of our softest shirts to layer with in cooler temperatures.