Making a home in Charlottesville seems like heaven after our talk with Chris Henry of Stony Point Design/Build, LLC. Chris is working on some incredible green buildings and sustainable setups to carry Charlottesville into the future. In this week's three questions, we find out what he'd be doing in an alternate life.

If you weren't a real estate developer, what would you be doing?

I would be a Safari guide In the African bush. Adventure and wild animals would wake me up every morning. Each day would bring me unexpected challenges and thrills, but I’m an extremely lucky to pursue my passion. I have adventure enough in Charlottesville to keep me excited about my job every day, and my Safari guide pipe dream couldn’t lure me away from it, my morning walk to Mud House Coffee, or my weekend visit to The Veil Brewery.

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Be kind to people. A smile can go a long way.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Happiness is autumn in Charlottesville surrounded by family, friends and my two labradoodles Billie Jean and Elvis. We love exploring Virginia from day trips to Richmond to hiking the Shenandoah. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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August 31, 2018 — Graham McNeely