tux-cocktailstux-cocktails5tux-cocktails2tux-cocktails7tux-cocktails3tux-cocktails8tux-cocktails4tux-cocktails6 To appropriately introduce our newest additions to Short Run Shirting, The Tuxedo Collection, we turned to our friends at Saison. One of Richmond's finest restaurants, Saison helped us craft the perfect cocktails for each of our tuxedo shirts. Our most formal shirt of the collection is The Barrington Tuxedo Shirt. Our take on the classic wing collar with french cuffs and a removable button band - The Barrington is a traditional style with a modern fit. A traditional shirt calls for a traditional drink. What could be more appropriate than a scotch Old Fashioned. Durra cocktail 1 1/2 bourbon 1/2 apple brandy Bar spoon Islay Scotch Bar spoon sorghum syrup 2 dashes orange bitters 1 dash Angostura Stir and serve it up in a large rocks glass with a big cube and orange twist. ----- In contrast to the Barrington is The Piquet Tuxedo Shirt - a unique fabric contrasting tuxedo shirt with french cuffs and a removable button band. Perfect for a subtly bold look, the Piquet is the perfect companion to a Bond-inspired traditional black tux. If you're wearing this shirt, you're obviously going to be drinking a martini. A real martini - nothing dirty or shaken will do. Richmond Cocktail 2 Plymouth gin 1 Cocchi Americano Stir, serve up in a coupe with a lemon twist ----- The Banker Formal Shirt is a light blue and white stripe poplin with a white contrasting collar. Paired with a removable button band to allow studs to be worn in place, this shirt is a regal substitute for your standard choice. We figured that luxury was the way to go here. And Saison's luxury drink of the moment is the Green Top! Green Top 3/4 Mezcal (royal bankers probably drink really good stuff too) 3/4 Maraschino Liquor 3/4 Green Chartreuse 3/4 Lime juice Shake, Serve up in a coupe with no garnish ----- Finally, the last shirt of our collection is The Herlot Tuxedo Shirt - a luxurious royal twill tuxedo shirt with small black pinpoints woven in the fabric. With single button cuffs and a removable button band to allow for studs and a cummerbund, The Herlot is nothing short of a modern-day tuxedo shirt. Too cool for a tux and too young for a classic cocktail? Have a beer cocktail instead! End of Days 1/2 Simple Syrup 3/4 Lime juice 3/4 Campari 3/4 Blanco Tequila Shake, serve in a small rocks glass with a big cube. Top with IPA and a lime wheel on a pick Special thanks to our friends at Saison!
January 07, 2014 — Mel Calabro