With our recent Georgetown store opening, we thought it was apt for us to explore the best that the capital city currently has to offer. On the top of that list is Chef Aaron Silverman’s recent venture, the fine dining establishment Pineapple & Pearls, which opened just a month ago in Barracks Row. Pineapple & Pearls is the sister restaurant to Rose’s Luxury, it’s more casual counterpart also located in Capitol Hill (and recent James Beard winner). Silverman intended for Pineapple & Pearls to be a special occasion restaurant, but cherry picked his approach to “high-end” dining. Table crumbing during service? You’ll get that here. A big Saturday dinner? Not happening - they’re not open on Saturday nights. The name is a throwback to the southern symbol of hospitality, of which Silverman serves up in spades. You get the elevated feel of a "fancy restaurant": there are only three different menu options including a $250 per person tasting menu, but with a playful approach and fun sensibility that you won’t find at most stuffy fine dining experiences. Once you arrive, you’re immediately greeted with a welcome cocktail. What other restaurant do you know that does that? The restaurant also serves as a hybrid coffee shop during the day - during the week from 8am-2pm there's a selection of house-made sandwiches to grab and go along with coffee and espresso from Brooklyn-based Parlor Coffee. While the District isn't hurting in world-class dining, Pineapple & Pearls offers a breath of fresh air and unique dining experience not easily found in other cities. The good news is they're taking reservations now (online, no less) so get on it - you won't want to wait too long. GoKateShoot-PineapplePearls-193 Visit Pineapple & Pearls at 715 Eight Street SE., Washington, DC. Photos by Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot.
May 31, 2016 — Molly Szkotak