We’re always mentioning Richmond’s incredible sense of community -- Feast RVA is yet another great example. The concept is simple -- eat incredible food catered by a local restaurant and help fund local creative endeavors. With a nominal donation, up to fifty guests are invited to attend a dinner hosted by Feast RVA where they are presented up to four pitches to help fund local art and community projects. After the projects are presented, the attendees vote and the winning project takes home the proceeds at the end of the night. In September 2011, the first Feast RVA was held at a Richmond art gallery space. Fifty diners attended and donated over $500 to creative projects. Since then, 6 quarterly Feast dinners have been held, and over $3,600 has been raised. I’ve had the pleasure of attending several Feast RVA dinners and every time I’ve left satisfied in both stomach and soul. It is a great feeling to know that you are contributing to helping someone take the initial steps in getting a dream off the ground. The 8O4K Cookbook was the winner at last month’s dinner. The cookbook will include favorite recipes, photographs, and words of culinary wisdom from Richmond’s most admired chefs. Other past winners include Dollop Desserts, Richmond Defensive Cycling, and the McDonough Community Garden. So far, Feast RVA has operated solely on the support of the local creative and non-profit communities. In order to continue to exist as a platform to support ideas, Feast RVA is currently hosting a campaign on IndieGoGo. Through additional funding, Feast RVA will use the proceeds to cover ongoing business and operating expenses. For more information and to contribute to Feast RVA, visit their campaign page on IndieGoGo.
May 22, 2013 — Ledbury