Brian McDaniel is the man behind Dirty Richmond, a street style blog here in town that gets nearly a daily visit from the staff here at Ledbury. He’s a great guy, with an impressive eye and ability to capture the unique style that is found in this city. I was recently in an interview with an editor in New York where I alluded to a Richmond Style. I was met with a polite smirk, which is understandable for someone who has never been to the city. But, the response got me thinking of how Richmond is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. What I love about this town is its authenticity, which in my opinion comes from three places. First is its rich history. There is certainly soul here and you feel it on every cobblestone street, every tobacco warehouse and every Victorian home. Second is the southern culture. And it’s not necessarily the South portrayed in the pages of Southern Living, but it’s an authentic southern culture that is derived from the region's food, music and sense of community. The third, and perhaps most distinguishing factor, is the creative community. I’ll tip my hat to VCU here and the fact that their 30,000 strong urban university that excels in everything arts. Each year, the city is inundated with a new crop of students, who fall in love with the city and best of all, stay here to manage galleries, open restaurants and work in design and media. In Richmond, we have a collection of creative entrepreneurs that are building a modern city on top of bricks and traditions of the past. It makes for a unique environment and one that is consistently reshaping our demeanor, culture and style. All Photography courtesy of Brian McDaniel. To see more Richmond Street Style visit Brian's blog, Dirty Richmond
November 01, 2011 — Ledbury