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It’s official, on the calendar at least; winter has passed and spring is here. It’s been a longer winter than usual here on the East Coast. Even though we’ve seen a couple of snows this March, we’re hoping that the days of arctic blasts are long behind us. Even if the temperatures dip some in the next couple of days, we’re staying resolute and focusing on the temperate climates ahead. This time of the year, it can be a bit of a challenge to dress for the day. Mid-to-late March in Virginia is often characterized by days that feel like winter in the shade, but summer in the sun. For these transitional days, we recommend layering your shirts underneath a lightweight sweater – like our Sanders Striped Sweater – or a light, unlined blazer. When temperatures begin to rise during the the day, simply remove your outer layer and give your sleeves a good roll. Cotton is not only the fabric of our lives, but also the fabric for spring. Lightweight and perfect for layering, cotton works great as a base layer when its cool, or on it’s own during warmer months. With this strategy in mind, we’ve selected a handful of shirts from versatile fabrics that will perform well in changing conditions. Let’s start by taking a closer look at two of our poplin shirts -- the Purple Keeneland and the ever-classic Blue Poplin. Poplin is a fabric known for its soft, lightweight characteristics, and it’s ability to resist wrinkles. Moving on, we have our Wyatt Seersucker from this week's collection of Short Run. The Wyatt Seersucker features a tonal blue stripe seersucker shirt on a lightweight cotton. We gave this classic Spring fabric a modern twist with wider stripes and a slimmer fit. Finally, we arrive at our Deacon Houndstooth, also from our newly released Short Run. We constructed this shirt from an incredibly lightweight cotton poplin on a blue micro-houndstooth fabric. Small cross-stitches add a subtle pattern and texture to the shirt that give it a distinct look. The small cross-stitches make this a great shirt for anyone looking to add a little extra texture to an outfit with a lighter fabric. Coordinate any of these shirts with a pair of khaki, navy, or grey slacks or chinos for an easy go-to look. Chances are you will be heading to a few casual-to-semi-formal events this summer, cocktail parties or a wedding. You should be prepared to look your best with any of our new sport coats and blazers. We’d recommend our Aaron Jersey Slim Fit Blazer, The Blue Giles Linen Sport Coat, or our Royal Blue Wellington Sport Coat. To prevent you from having to sacrifice style for comfort when it gets warmer, these unlined jackets circulate air better around your body to keep for a cooler fit. And before heading out, don’t forget to slip in a pocket square for an added pop of color. Winter is more or less behind us. So put up your flannels, stow away your wool sweaters and stash those heavy coats away until the fall and keep an eye on Ledbury. Throughout the spring, we will be releasing new Core Collection and Short Run shirts that are ideal for warmer weather. So here’s to warmer weather and the seasons ahead! Cheers!
March 21, 2014 — Ledbury