When we started Ledbury the market was hovering around 6,000 and a financial apocalypse appeared to be at the doorstep. We were conscious that launching a luxury clothing business was not without risk, but luckily there were a few early believers and to those we are forever grateful.

It could have been blind faith, a reckless appetite for risk, or a firm belief in the business (perhaps a combination of all three) but within a few months we had raised enough capital to give Ledbury a go.

A group of friends and former colleagues helped make this all a reality and perhaps the highlight of our year is gathering for the annual shareholders meeting. The weekend is equal part update, brainstorming session and reunion of our closest friends. This year we were at the ACE Hotel in New York, where serious conversations about the promise and future of the business went hand and hand with some very good times.

June 02, 2011 — Ledbury