When we began our shirt making nearly three years ago, we bench marked ourselves on the notion that great shirt makers are only as good as the construction of their classic white shirt. We set our standards high, and ever since the very first Ledbury shirt, the White Fine Twill Worker, and many shirts after, we have continually returned to the fabric of Tessitura Monti because of their extraordinary commitment to the production of luxury fabric. The tight weaving process, attention to the intricacies of fabric construction and use of the finest twill has allowed Tessitura Monti to consistently produce many of the finest fabrics available. In 1911 the three Monti brothers, Evaristo, Bruno and Venerio officially opened their Italian factory which included 20 hand looms and 3 automatic looms. Now in its 5th generation of family ownership, the Tessitura Monti fabric mill is considerably larger but continues their vigorous commitment on the fronts of continual development and innovation. For Tessitura Monti, manufacturing luxury textiles is not only a mastered craft, but an applied art. The first collection of our November Short Run Shirting features four shirts constructed from the incredible fabric of Tessitura Monti. The Blue Parker Flannel, Grey Conway, Green Conway and Red Callan incorporate Monti’s perfected brushed cotton technique –making the fabrics incredibly soft and comfortable. In addition to the casual shirts of this month’s Short Run Shirting, we use Tessitura Monti fabric in the construction of many of the shirts of our Core Collection. The Warsaw Plaid is a particularly great example of the century old fabric mill’s mastery of the art of textile production, incorporating rich colors and varying patterns into a single fabric. Other shirts from Monti include the Britton Box Check and the Blue McGuire Gingham. You can check the fabric source of many of our shirts underneath the “fabric” tab in the product description. The first collection of November Short Run Shirting will be available through Monday, November 20th
November 11, 2012 — Ledbury