Much like the navy blazer or the Oxford-cloth shirt, the repp tie is a modern wardrobe staple, with its trademark stripes originating in England during the 1800s. Historically, military regiments, public schools, private clubs and universities adopted official colors and varying widths for the contrasting stripes to denote membership. The striped tie remained exclusively British until it was brought stateside in the 1920s and was quickly adopted by Ivy League students. An interesting note is that English repp ties typically slant from left to right, whereas American repp stripes slant right to left. Our Bayliss Stripe necktie – available in blue, light blue, red and green – is our take on the iconic tie. “Repp” refers to the distinct weave used to make the ties. Ours were woven in Como, Italy from a blend of fine linen and silk. Incredibly versatile, the repp tie can easily be worn with almost any shirt, sweater, and blazer in your wardrobe. Dress it up with a suit, or tie a loose knot with an opened collar Oxford. Regardless of how it’s worn, whether if you are stateside or across the pond, the repp tie is a staple for the well-dressed man. Shop our entire collection of fall neckties here.
September 13, 2013 — Ledbury