We want you to get to know grenadine . . . not the kind that's mixed in your cocktails, but the type found in our collection of fall neckties. Woven in Como, Italy from luxurious silk, grenadine neckties are known for their distinctive textured weaves, characterized by their lightness and gauze-like feel. From a distance, a grenadine necktie may resemble its knitted cousin, however the two have a couple of differentiating qualities. Knitted ties are exactly what the name implies - knitted - whereas grenadine ties are woven. Grenadine neckties are also finished with a triangular bottom, rather than the square bottom found on most knits. The value of the grenadine tie is that it is incredibly versatile. The solid color makes pairing with a shirt or coat effortless and they are perfect for traveling, business and formal occasions. The weave adds a subtle texture to any outfit and the neckties compliment any sport coat or shirt, whether patterned or solid. In the films Dr. No and From Russia With Love, the solid grenadine tie is a staple of the Sean Connery Bond wardrobe. You may lack Agent 007's gadgets, but this tie will at least help you look the part. There’s a place for the Grenadine necktie in every man’s wardrobe. Shop the Blue, Purple, Beige, and Pink grenadine neckties from our collection of ties for fall.
August 22, 2013 — Ledbury