Prior to the beginning of each season, the world’s eyes are fixated toward the fashion capitals of the world; but ­­­­­­in the between months, cities that may often be overlooked in the landscape of fashion continue to propel the industry forward. Sometime long after the distant memory of the Fashion Weeks of New York and Paris lies Richmond Fashion Week. For a week in April, the buzz about town in our home city of Richmond, Virginia turns to the people, brands, and boutiques collectively pushing fashion forward. On the runway at this year’s Final Showcase at the historic Hippodrome Theater was a particular heightened presence of men’s fashion. The sudden rise of menswear on the Richmond runway is parallel to the industry, as a boom of interest has occurred in the past year. Many factors have contributed to this phenomenon including websites solely dedicated to men’s clothing, increase of independent brands specializing in better fits for consumers, and the realization that there is more to life than novelty tees. A common thread on the Richmond runway between the men’s collections was the interpretation of tradition. Tradition and familiarity are the foundations on which menswear was built. Ledbury goes beyond making a familiar garment like a tartan shirt by striving to engineer a better fit and subtle innovation. Young Richmond designer Britt Sebastian of Sebastian Apparel reinterprets the tradition of a letterman style jacket and makes it his own. If this small burst of men’s fashion is any premonition of what is in store for seasons to come, the future looks bright in Richmond. Brian McDaniel Photos (Top to Bottom): Featured blogger: Brian McDaniel of Dirty Richmond Ledbury's Blue Goshen Plaid: Coming Soon Ledbury's Red Starks Twill: Short Run Collection, March 2012 Featured piece from Britt Sebastian of Sebastian Apparel Featured piece from Britt Sebastian of Sebastian Apparel
May 21, 2012 — Ledbury