When some things in life are cut short, the experiences are occasionally followed with a dose of resentment. Perhaps it was a song, a lunch break, or an entertaining story. However, when “cutting short” is applied to our shirtsleeves, we intend for this to be a positive gesture.

Ledbury was founded with a few simple goals in mind: to construct shirts from the finest materials available, to have them fit better than anything else on the market, and to offer our product at a fair price. These three principles are integral to our business, especially in regards to fit. While we have expanded our product offerings to sweaters, blazers, neckties and other accessories, our focus will always be on making great shirts. We love producing them and are constantly looking for ways that we can improve. Creating the perfect fit is more than just tailoring to the torso, but also measuring to sleeve length. In light of this, we took inventory of the 16 most requested Core Collection shirts to be shortened by one inch and are making them available off the rack; no tailoring required. These shirts come directly from our production facility and are at no additional cost to the purchaser. We’ve already begun to offer a selection of shirts with longer sleeve lengths, and our shortened sleeves marks the next step in our expanding efforts to better meet the needs of our customers. If you have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see from us and how we can make Ledbury better, we are always here to listen. As a small company that strives to be the best shirt maker, we are here because of you, our customers. Feel free to call or email our Customer Service Team at 1-888-233-1942 or Shop our new shortened-sleeve shirts here.
March 26, 2014 — Ledbury