Among our first collection of sweaters, we have a couple melange-knitted sweaters of which we’re particularly proud -- our Blue Melange Barnes V-Neck and our Brown Melange Barnes V-Neck. Melange yarn is a single strand of yarn that has been produced by the combination of at least two or more fibers. This process achieves a unique heathered effect. There are two types of mélange yarn: blended and non-blended. Blended mélange yarn is yarn that features different fibers (cotton, wool and synthetic-fibers) that are mixed together at a fixed ratio. Non-blended mélange yarn does not use different fibers but instead different colors of the same fibers. We used non-blended mélange yarn for our sweaters and constructed them from a combination of luxurious Merino wools, giving the knits a subtle depth and adding tonality to an already rich color. Melange makes a powerful addition to any wardrobe because it goes a step beyond the standard solid-colored sweater without becoming too much of a departure.

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September 19, 2013 — Ledbury