When we hear “Nashville,” we think “hot chicken,” and Hattie B’s has made quite a name for themselves with hot chicken fans far and wide. Executive Chef John Lasater, 28, was awarded Forbes Top 30 Under 30 in the Food & Wine Category in 2015, opening two restaurants in three years alongside of owners Nick Bishop Sr. and Nick Bishop Jr. The Bishops are second and third generation restauranteurs, also responsible for Bishop’s Meat & Three in Franklin, TN. If anyone knows how to do Nashville, it's the crew at Hattie B’s. John and the Nicks rounded up a list of Nashville’s best. The next time you find yourself in Music City, get yourself some damn hot chicken (the hottest Hattie B’s has to offer) and check out John and the Nicks’ favorite spots.

Best Brunch: Biscuit Love

Best Cocktail Bar: 308

Best Coffee: Crema…the absolute best!

Best Spot for Lunch On-the-Go: Bishop’s or Arnold's Meat &Three

Best Spot for Casual Dinner: Two Ten Jack, Korea House, or Thai Esane

Best Spot for a Nice Dinner: 51st, The 404 Kitchen, or Catbird Seat

Best Dish in Town: Lamb Sugo at The 404 Kitchen

Favorite Restaurants in General/What Do We Order:

404: The rabbit and cornbread

51st: Anything really. Britt (John’s Wife, Daughter of Nick Sr., Sister of Nick Jr.) loves Chef Tony's dessert.

City house: Go for Sunday supper with 5 friends and order one of everything.

Farmhouse: Awesome brunch and dinner. Get Chef Trey to make you a nice bone-in ribeye!

Josephine: One of Chef John's favorite places to eat. If you happen to have 9 friends, go for the 10 x 10 dinner on Friday or Sat. You must reserve ahead of time. Chef Andy Little puts on a 10 course meal for 10 people. It's phenomenal!

Best Shopping Area: 12th South

Favorite Stores: Imogene & Willie & White's Mercantile- they sale Y'allsome t-shirts

Best Place to Catch a Live Show, Impromptu: The Stone Fox or the 5 Spot, and the Bluebird Cafe

Best Large Music Venue: Ascend Amphitheater downtown for a large venue and The Ryman is Nashville’s chapel!

Best Band to Catch Live: Cage the Elephant and Jack White

Best Museums and Galleries: The Frist is always a great option, but don’t miss Two Moon Gallery or the First Saturday of every month for Nashville's Art Walk.

The place that all the locals know, but tourists don't know about: You can have more fun in the 5 Points area of East Nashville than any spot on Broadway.

Best outdoor space to take a stroll: Percy Warner Park or Radnor Lake are hidden jewels in Nashville that you must take advantage of

Where can you find a nice pair of shoes? Save your pennies for some Peter Nappi leather kicks!

Any hip Nashville slang? “Y'all," of course!

Must-see Sights: The Ryman Auditorium shouldn't be missed. Any event there is a great one! Johnny Cash Museum as well. Chef John loves TN history so check out the Capitol building and The TN State Museum.


Photos provided by the good folks at Loaded For Bear - the creative agency responsible for Hattie B's top notch branding.

August 06, 2015 — Mel Calabro