Knitted neckties have been a personal favorite since I began wearing them back in my college days. They can easily add an extra layer of texture to any outfit and they are relaxed in nature. Not to mention, they always come in handy on those occasions when a silk necktie may be a little too much, but leaving the house without a tie would be a compromise to style. Spring is right around the corner and we’ve released a collection of knitted ties just in time for when the temperatures have started to warm up. This collection was constructed in Como, Italy and features lighter colors that will last you throughout the spring and until the end of summer. Our Morgan neckties are made from 100% cotton and the Paxton and Hudson neckties are constructed from a linen-silk blend. We choose to go with lighter weight textiles to match the lighter weight shirting and blazer fabrics of the season. Make sure you are prepared for the spring with any of the neckties from the collection. For summer weddings or cocktail parties, few accessories are more appropriate.

Our new collection of uniquely woven knitted ties are now available.

March 14, 2013 — Ledbury