We have known our friends at Criquet for over a decade. They got their start about six months after we launched Ledbury in the dicey days of the last Great Recession. Two childhood friends starting a shirt company, in one of those amazing cities (Austin) that was not New York or LA. It all sounded so familiar, and we had a ton of respect for others that were taking the chance to build a clothing brand from scratch (not easy!). The Criquet story always felt a lot like the Ledbury story, just 1500 miles SXSW.

But, where we started by dressing things up, the boys a Criquet always kept it casual. Focusing on perfecting the polo and doing it with a bit of irreverence. And while the Criquet polo was great back in 2010, a decade later, they are down-right amazing. And there is a lot to love.

A collar with collar stays to keep it upright (think the perfect V at the neckline). A four-button placket that gives it more of a cookout than a country club look. And performance fabrics that combine the best Pima Cotton with just the right amount of spandex. A combination that makes them buttery soft, without looking like you are wearing Under Armour. And for us, that’s a perfect polo.

Believe it or not, guys who make dress shirts for a living need to occasionally show a little forearm.
And when we do, it’s in a Criquet.
March 16, 2021 — Graham McNeely