Synonymous with warmth and luxury in cooler temperatures, the fabric of cashmere reigns supreme. For centuries, cashmere wool has been considered the crown jewel of textiles. Renowned for its fine texture and soft tactile quality, with one single touch, this immediately becomes apparent. Cashmere is highly praised because of its natural rarity and the labor-intensive method that is used to produce the precious textile. The majority of the world’s raw cashmere fiber comes from the winter undercoat of goats that have adapted to live in the harsh climate of the Gobi Desert in the northern provinces of China and the southern reaches of Mongolia. Cashmere wool takes a tremendous amount of time to produce but the tactile quality is well worth the wait. Do the math; the average annual yield of cashmere from a single goat is approximately 50 grams of wool, and it takes roughly 150-250 grams of cashmere wool to knit one sweater. For our cashmere, we’ve turned to a multi-centuries old family operated Scottish woolen mill that has been located on the River Lossie since its establishment. The wisdom and craftsmanship that this Scottish mill has acquired from over two hundred years of textile manufacturing is incomparable. The company has pioneered the knitting process of cashmere fiber in Scotland, which remains one of the foundations of the company’s products today. Just in time for winter, we have released our first collection of cashmere socks and scarves in a profusion of colors and patterns. First, I know what you are thinking, “Cashmere socks?” but once you try on a pair, you will never want to take them off – or wear any other sock for that matter ever again. Our Alastair socks are available in the standard colors of black, grey, navy, and beige; and also in the color popping hues of orange, blue, purple, green and red. Let’s face it; our feet helplessly take a relentless beating throughout our lives, so it’s important to spoil them every now and then. Before heading out the door, what better final attempt to stay warm than by throwing on one of our new scarves? In addition to cashmere, we offer an assortment of scarves made out of extra fine Scottish spun Merino wool and incredibly warm lambs wool. Similar to many of our shirts, you can check the fabric textile underneath the “fabric” tab in the product description of each scarf. Our newly released socks and scarves are now available. Find them underneath the accessories tab.
November 18, 2012 — Ledbury