Will Godwin is a talented artist, designer, illustrator, photographer, musician… the list goes on. He’s done a few illustrations for creative projects at Ledbury, and you definitely haven’t seen the last of them. (Keep an eye out for his work in our September issue of Easy Goer.) For a lot of visual artists, writing about themselves can feel a bit daunting. For Will Godwin, this is absolutely the case. Will’s brief description of himself is modest, to say the least. Since we’re always on the hunt for new tunes, we asked Will to put together a playlist of travelin’ songs for us, and share some of his recent illustrations. You can stream the playlist via Spotify here, or scroll down to stream using the Spotify plugin.

Give us a brief intro about yourself:

I've played bass in the Diamond Center for the past 6 years, touring and playing festivals in between studies, shooting lookbooks for Need Supply Co and Designing and Illustrating for brands big and small — like OREO, Rogue Territory and Human Being Journal. In my free time I draw in my sketchbook and go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay...

Periodic Fables of Wonder

The Kiss - Trevor Jones: When I heard this arrangement in The Last of The Mohicans it was the first time I remember crying. Probably the first time ever, since I couldn't breathe on my own when I was born and was too good to get spanked. Anyways, start your day with this song and you can't go wrong.

Are You - The Soil and The Sun: I was lucky enough to meet the band at a festival we were both playing at in 2008. We have been friends ever since. These guys have so many good songs and every album they put out is so brilliant, big, and equally tender and intense.

Djohariah - Sufjan Stevens: I would love to play bass with Sufjan on this song…. just once. He does the two-parts-in-one-song best I think.

Air Bud - Kurt Vile: This is the theme song in my head when I’ve had too much coffee, I have a couple extra bucks ($5) to spend, and inevitably, a strong swagger rocking around town. You will too.

Silver Trembling Hands - The Flaming Lips: Great song to start your road trip with, but you're leaving way later than you wanted to. I’ve actually never been high before, but I love this song. It sounds like my brain.

I’ve Been Waiting - Brian Jonestown Massacre: I used a couple lines in this song to confess my “feelings of like” to a woman once. Second time I cried.

Manipulation - The Black Angels: The Black Angels at their best. This song just felt right.

Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches: Sometimes I can smell my Grandma and see my future when I listen to this song.

Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again - The Books: No one enjoys their worries, but when I heard this song in 2002, I literally felt my mind expanding. Close to perfect.

In A Sweater Poorly Knit - mewithoutyou: I think this is the only song in history that has used “pumpernickel bread” in its lyrics.

Enemy Destruct - Thee Oh Sees: At my best, I am knocking out projects, chores and life with the intensity that this song has. I invite you to do the same.

All Done Wrong - Starflyer 59 : When I’m a dad one day, I want to look like this song sounds. It will probably be a full denim getup…

Monkey 23 - The Kills : Everyone secretly loves The Kills. If they say they don't, they're lying. Lying is bad.

monsters!_full1500_web NY_Unclecraig_sketch-3 will godwin_sketch Check out more of Will’s work on his website, and on the Insta: @buffallowill.
August 07, 2015 — Mel Calabro