We’ve been working with Kate Thompson for quite a while now. You may recognize her as Betty Clicker, a childhood nickname that’s become her photography alias, and in the words of Kate, her figurative superwoman cape. Kate’s work carries distinct characteristics of deliberate composition, attention to atmosphere and wonderful, honest simplicity. Long story short — we’re big fans of both her person and her work. Kate’s travel schedule oftentimes leaves us longing for the jet-setting life (If you're not already following her on Instagram, you'll soon understand.). Recently she’s made the trek to Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Mexico City, Dominican Republic, LA + Joshua Tree, Charleston, San Francisco, Kauai and New Orleans… and that’s only in the past four months! In need of some new tunes to gear up for vacation season, Kate put together a playlist for us that’s 100% Betty Clicker jet-setting material — sure to make your head bop and bum wiggle. Enjoy while scrolling through some of Kate's amazing photos from her recent trip to Mexico City! You can stream the playlist via Spotify here or use the built-in Spotify player below.
Space Oddity — David Bowie: I like to imagine myself floating up and away from the daily routine into a colorful swirl of new experiences. Taking off, a touch of pshychedelia. More poignant now than ever.
Weird Fishes — Radiohead: I could listen to this on repeat. Escape! The pace gets me started in my jet-settin' groove.
Motion Sickness — Hot Chip: And I cannot NOT move to this song.
Have a Talk with God — Stevie Wonder: I'm in the groove now. This is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs.
Creep — TLC: It’s hard for me to hear this song without thinking about TLC with their silk, jewel-tone pajamas fluttering in the "breeze". It reminds me not to take life so seriously.
On My Own — Alex Greenwald: This guy has done some Radiohead covers and has been influenced by David Byrne quite a bit. On my own, bouncing & bopping in my seat just thinking of the song.
Shut Us Down — Lindsey Buckingham: A little throwback to a song I loved in high school, to stir up a little nostalgia. I like the swell of it too.
The Only Living Boy in New York — Simon & Garfunkel: No explanation needed. It's just the best.
Holiday — Poor Moon: On her first visit to my little apartment in Richmond, my sister gently woke me up on a sunny Saturday with this song. It's a sweet one to me.
All Around And Away We Go — Mr. Twin Sister: Another sister memory song. My sisters have been a huge resource for music discovery for me.
Inch of Dust — Future Islands: This guy could power a jet with the grave intensity of his voice
Dreams Today — Efterklang: sweet afternoon slump. I always visualize fresh powdery snow when I hear this song.
Rescue Song (RAC Remix) — Mr. Little Jeans: I just like it.
Golden Haze — Wild Nothing: Head boppin', feet-tappin'
Strong Hand — Chvrches: I played this album a lot when I had weekly potlucks and porch parties in my old Church Hill apartment. That time deserves a special spot on this playlist.
Let's Get Out of this Country — Camera Obscura: I played this song on repeat as I was planning my first independent trip out of the country as an "adult" just after graduating from college. Tracyanne Campbell holds a special little place in my heart.
Me and My Arrow — Harry Nilsson: My dad loves Harry Nilsson and I have hazy memories of my dad playing "The Point!” up in New Hampshire when I was a wee one.
Mr Bones — Tiny Victories: This song sounds conclusive to me, but a happy ending. I'm an unnatural but determined optimist.
Photo taken by Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography
Photo taken by Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography
Photo taken by Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography
Photos from Kate's recent trip to Mexico City. Check out Kate's website, Betty Clicker Photography, here and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram.
April 14, 2016 — Mel Calabro