What is the best dress shirt material?


We believe that a 100% cotton twill is the best fabric for your dress shirts for most occasions. Twill has the perfect balance of weight, a soft hand feel, and a flattering drape that can be worn in almost every setting. The raised diagonal weave of twill creates a great textured look, but can also make the shirt a bit weightier. So for the hotter summer months, poplin is a great option, as it makes for a crisp, light, breathable dress shirt while also being cool to the touch.

poplin fabric

Whether Twill or Poplin, we suggest an 80s Two Ply or 100s Two-Ply. The compact weave creates a clean look and will prevent white shirts from looking sheer.

man wearing twill dress shirt and suit jacket man wearing poplin shirt

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April 08, 2022 — Deven Shakya