When I joined the Ledbury content team nearly a month ago, my list of questions about our shirts and products quickly began to accumulate. I was sure that others might as well and offered to answer any questions about Ledbury that you may have. I received many great questions since Tuesday ranging from product releases to collar styles. These are a few of the replies: Are there any plans to make a Ledbury slim fit in a 17-inch collar in the future? There have been a few requests for the availability of a 17-inch collar slim fit style. We do not have any immediate plans at the moment of making this option available in our inventory but if demand for this continues to grow, providing a 17-inch collar in a slim fit may be something we will consider for future releases. What's the perfect interview outfit for a young man coming out of college today? Congratulations, this is certainly an important milestone. When dressing for an interview, the same considerations should be made whether you are fresh out of college, or a veteran of the work force. Dressing up for an interview can be a stressful promenade on the fine line between over doing it and not doing enough. It is best to let you do the talking opposed to your clothes, but dressing conservatively does not mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Our Blue and Red Lincoln Check paired with a navy or dark gray suit would make an impressive interview outfit. It is stylish but not too unconventional to cause a distraction, and the hint of blue projects an image of confidence, stability, and someone in control. I love your shirts. I have 5 of them – with a 6th on the way -- and love them all. Do you guys ever plan to get into bags/luggage/briefcases? If you do I’m in real trouble! We are very excited for upcoming additions to the Ledbury product lineup that will begin rolling out in the next several weeks. I have a feeling that you will like them, but unfortunately bags are not included in our upcoming release schedule. You may be interested in a good friend of ours, Moore & Giles. Moore & Giles is a Virginia-based company that specializes in quality leather bags and accessories. I’ve occasionally noticed a few of their bags around the office. Why so many spread collars? Our dress shirts use both a spread and Anglo-American collar, which have the versatility to be worn with a necktie or for the top button to be left undone. Our collars are fused from the outside in and sewn on separately to prevent the collar from collapsing while wearing a jacket. We have released several casual shirts that feature a button down collar, a club collar, and our new Drewes Collar, which is a semi-spread. Thank you for all of your questions. If you have more questions about Ledbury shirts, styling, or would like more information on our upcoming releases, please e-mail me at brian@ledbury.com.
October 25, 2012 — Ledbury