dracula_blogballiceaux_blogjward_blogselba_blog1011 w gracesidewalk_blog For those of you who live in Richmond, it's nearly impossible not to notice the murals popping up left and right throughout the fan, Jackson Ward, and downtown. Art Whino, a DC-based art gallery, and RVA Mag developed a project to grace the city with 100 murals created by some of the world's top muralists over a 5 year timeframe. With year two underway, the city will be 20 murals richer in mere months. On top of last year's 23, that brings Richmond to a total of 43 beautiful, more interesting buildings. The benefits of a project of this scale are all kinds of good - sure to boost tourism and foot traffic and, in turn, help local businesses thrive, while increasing exposure for the city by establishing it as a destination for internationally recognized murals. I hit the streets with a Fuji Instawide in tow to snap a few photos of some of my favorite additions of 2013. A full list of 2012 and 2013 mural locations is listed below. Go get 'em. Read more on Art Whino. Meet the Artists via RVA Mag. ------------ 2013 Richmond Mural Locations 534 N Harrison 2416 W Cary 2907 W Cary 2 N Rowland 2929 W Cary 300 W Broad 3336 N Boulevard 203 N Lombardy 2107 W Main 105 S Addison 821 W Cary 825 W Cary 2416 W Cary 807 Oliver Hill Way 14 S 15th 2103 W Main 535 N 2nd 205 E Marshall 1011 W Grace 2600 W Main 2012 Richmond Mural Locations 11 W Grace Street 9 W Grace St 1204 N. Hull Street 112 N. 18TH ST 1821 E Main St 111 N 17th Street 1506 West Main Street 1501 W. Main Street 11 S 18th St 212 W Broad Street 309 North Laurel Street 2400 W. Main Street 414 W Broad Street 2043 W. Broad Street 1711 E Main Street 17 W Marshall St 311 W Broad Street 110 N. 18TH ST 11 S 18th St 927 West Grace Street 315 W Broad Street 140 West Clay Street Google map of 2012 and 2013 locations
August 14, 2013 — Mel Calabro