stonypoint_6_blogstonypoint_1_blogstonypoint_2_blogstonypoint_5_blog We're excited to announce that we will be hosting a pop-up shop across the river from our 14th Street headquarters. From August 30th to September 29th, you’ll be able to find us at Stony Point Fashion Park directly across from Anthropologie. We’ve held weekend-long pop-ups in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, and even a couple in Richmond, but our stay in Stony Point will be our longest. Our in-house designers designed the space, Andrew and Jen Carnwath of The Odd Couple helped to furnish the space, and our friends at Stinson Williford built out all of our fixtures. We want to further serve our Richmond customers and bring a new, personalized experience to online shopping. We will carry our full product line: shirts, newly-released fall blazers, accessories, and even our sweaters, which will be available mid-September. Visit us at the shop, talk to our style experts and try something on. We’ll fulfill orders through the website and our customer service team will ship straight to your door. See you soon. Stony Point Fashion Park 9200 Stony Point Pkwy Richmond, VA 23235
August 28, 2013 — Ledbury