Our musical muse this week is an amazing album from Other Lives titled Tamer Animals. We had a great time getting to know the folks over at Black Iris Music, and this album is part of the White Iris Label. There is a calmness found within the intricacies of each track while listening to the euphoric sounds of Tamer Animals. Using this amazing album as our auditory guide, we've developed this week's Style File as "The Weekender," a man who releases inhibitions to the wind in search of travel and accompanying moments of discovery. We focused this weeks Style File around one of our current Short Run Shirts, The Brown and Blue Carter Check. Featured Products: Album: Other Lives, Tamer Animals Blazer: Robb Corduroy Blazer | Jack Spade Pants: Petit Standard Slim-Fit Cotton-Blend Trousers from A.P.C. | Mr. Porter Boots: Red Wing Chukka in Antique Cigar | Unionmade Goods Bag: Flight Bag from Billy Kirk | Need Supply Co. Scarf: Selvedge Chambray Scarf from The Hill-Side | Need Supply Co. Blanket: Trapper Throw from Faribault Woolen Mill Co. | Need Supply Co. Soap: Glycerin Face Shave Soap from Imperial | Need Supply Co. Sunglasses: Brooks 47 in Leopard Tort | Need Supply Co. Wallet: Floral Tooled Billfold | Warhorse Workshop Corkscrew: Jean Dubost Laguiole Stag Horn Corkscrew | Uncrate Cameras: LomoKino | Lomography Book List: Americans in Kodachrome by Guy Stricherz | Unionmade Goods: Introduced in 1935 as the first modern color film, Kodachrome was used extensively after World War II by amateur photographers equipped with the new high-quality and low cost 35mm cameras. Americans in Kodachrome 1945--1965 is an unprecedented portrayal of the daily life of the people during these formative years of modern American culture. It is comprised of ninety-five exceptional color photographs made by over ninety unknown American photographers. The Birds of America by John James Audubon
October 05, 2012 — Mel Calabro