1 2 3-4 benblood 6 Mornings can be pretty chaotic. Between getting the coffee pot going, taking a moment to read a quick article in the Wall Street Journal and firing off a few e-mails, the early hours can be taxing. You need all the time you can get. How does that old saying go: time is still money? Does this morning routine sound familiar? You try on a few things. They don’t work. The discarded pile quickly grows at your ankles. 15 minutes go by, and you finally figure out your course of action. It’s the first look that you tried. Presentation is important and sketching out a plan of how you’re going to get there is worth the time. But going through the same struggle every morning is frustrating and counter productive. When it comes time to feel inspired sartorially, skip the trial and error and turn to the blogs. Take for example one of my favorite street style blogs: Men In This Town. Don’t be intimidated by color. Put some into your look and throw in some patterns while you’re at it. Consider coordinating a dotted necktie with a stripe shirt and suit, or wearing a checked blazer with a plain white shirt. Both are sophisticated looks that will never go out of style. If you’re going for a look that’s a bit more casual, consider throwing on a lightweight summer scarf for a sense of ease, or sporting white denim with a chambray shirt. Use the blogs to catch up on trends. As I was sourcing images for this post, I noticed a couple of trends emerging. One that stood out was the bolo tie. Yes, the bolo tie is making a comeback. A little follow up research revealed that the folks over at GQ had spotted it early on and mentioned the bolo in their trend forecast earlier this year. Sadly we all can’t be Clint Eastwood, but wear one a bolo with a suit or blazer and you’ve got a fighting chance. So there is a condensed view of how we search for inspiration. And to make your life easier for our customers, our shirt product pages now include suggested necktie and blazer pairings. All photographs (with the exception of the bolo tie picture) appear courtesy of Men In This Town. Their new eponymous book will be released next month. Learn more and pre-order your copy here.
August 03, 2014 — Ledbury