When we redesigned our storefront a few months ago, we consciously left room for minor adjustments - swapping out furniture, rearranging displays, keeping the space flexible. We’d like to introduce the latest addition to the shop . . . our new Tecumseh portrait. Quick history lesson: Born in 1768, Tecumseh was chief of the Shawnee Native American tribe. He fought against the settlers who were moving into the Ohio Valley and was an ally of the British during the War of 1812. In October of 1813, Tecumseh was killed in the Battle of the Thames near Detroit. Tecumseh was widely respected by many for his bravery in battle and political leadership. Until we brought the Tecumseh painting home last month, it remained somewhat of a myth for many of us in the office. Over a year ago when Paul Trible, our CEO, was in a Kilmarnock, VA antique shop, he stumbled on this striking 3 x 5’ portrait of none other than Tecumseh himself sporting bobcat headgear, a British Army coat and an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Springsteen. We could only imagine a handful of places that this painting would make any sense and, luckily for us, our shop was one of them. If you find yourself in Richmond, feel free to stop by and see our latest addition to the shop for yourself. Our storefront is open Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm and Saturdays: 12pm – 5pm. *Portrait by Reed Thomason
July 15, 2013 — Ledbury