Despite the convenience while going through the TSA, I always thought there was something a bit counter-intuitive about stowing all my toiletries in a zip lock bag when I’m traveling with a good-looking duffel bag. It's also nearly impossible for me to keep a collection of miniature-sized toiletries together while living out of a suitcase for the duration of the trip. To keep those essentials from getting lost in the bottom of your suitcase, enter the dopp kit – the constant companion to the weary traveler. A bit of background: Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant living in Chicago, invented the small leather toiletry case during the early 1900’s. During WWII Doppelt was commissioned by the US Army to supply millions of GIs with his signature pouch. When the troops returned home, they brought their dopp kits with them and they have been enlisted by the traveling man ever since. To make packing for travel less stressful, keep your dopp kit stocked with all the necessary items: toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size shampoo, face cleanser, razor and shaving gel, hair product, comb, nail clippers, deodorant, bar of soap, spare cash, and generally anything else you can think of without taking your entire bathroom with you. When choosing and packing your dopp kit keep in mind your destination, usage pattern, and your means of travel. A weekend camping trip would require a different set of needs than a week long business trip. With all this being said, travel well! -BM
December 18, 2012 — Ledbury