The Presidential Election of 2012 is soon to be history, but before the day is over, we are taking a moment to tip off our hat to the sartorial best Commander-in-Chief. When speaking of U.S. presidents that defined their own sense of style, John F. Kennedy nearly always is the first to be acknowledged. JFK’s Ivy League inspired attire is undoubtedly classic, but the superlative winner for Presidential Best Dressed goes to Theodore Roosevelt -hands down. Whether in his cavalry uniform fighting in the Spanish-American War, dressed in a three piece suit on the campaign trail, or in functional clothing while on African safari, Roosevelt always seemed to be dressed for the occasion. Known for his ecological conservationism and progressive policies, Roosevelt created a larger than life persona, and is considered to be the first modern U.S. President. On a final note, who else could pull off a pair of spectacles such as those so earnestly?
November 06, 2012 — Ledbury