cratescocktailmantry blogmole With more and more products becoming accessible by way of the internet, it's literally as easy as "one-click" to end up with a package of desirable goods on your doorstep. Subscription services are popping up left and right - this one in particular caught our eye. The Mantry (The Modern Man's Pantry) "is a food-of-the-month club that helps you discover American artisan food & what to do with it." More or less, The Mantry sources awesome American artisan food that is local to specific regions, pairs it with other American artisan food that it would taste good with, develops delicious recipes using each product, packages it up in a good-looking wooden crate and ships it to your doorstep. Some of their past boxes give a better feel for the types of goods The Mantry sources - "Hecho en America" includes San Angel Mole from Los Angeles, Aurelia's Chorizo from Boerne, TX, and Rancho Gordo Beans from Napa, CA, to name a few. (View more past boxes from The Mantry.) It's genius - and probably one of the best gift options we've seen for male foodies out there.
June 13, 2013 — Mel Calabro