Handbook103 In the spirit of Father's Day and Generations of Style, we found this well thumbed through copy of The Official Preppy Handbook floating around the office that originally belonged to Reid's Dad, Wayne. Equal parts satire, fact and irony, consider this handbook the comprehensive field guide to living the life of full-fledged prep. There are numerous gems scattered throughout the pages, ranging from how to appropriately name your children (college dormitories are a good place to start), understanding the full potential of the pink and green color combination (the surest and quickest way of prep identification), and how to cruise through life’s later years in the slow lane (time most often spent at the country club for access to necessities such as tennis tournaments and golf caddies). With a quick read of the Official Preppy Handbook, we’ve all been encouraged to tighten up our tennis game, pull out our Nantucket reds, slip on a pair of Weejuns and never leave the house without at least one embroidered repeated motif on our clothing. Unfortunately the cultural relic known as The Official Preppy Handbook is no longer in print, but you can easily find Lisa Birnbach’s updated handbook for all things prep, True Prep, which was released a few years back. We've yet to flip through the updated follow up, but for now, our well-worn original will do. See you on the way to the Prep Pantheon.
June 11, 2013 — Ledbury