Edwin McMasters Stanton (not to be confused with Staunton, VA) was The Secretary of War during the Lincoln presidency. And the inspiration for one of our Spring shirts which is named, surprisingly, The Stanton. Lincoln praised Stanton as a loyal confidant stating, “He is the rock on the beach of our national ocean against which the breakers dash and roar, dash and roar without ceasing. He fights back the angry waters and prevents them from undermining and overwhelming the land. Gentlemen, I do not see how he survives, why he is not crushed and torn to pieces. Without him I should be destroyed.” Stanton’s list of feats is a long one. More or less, we can thank him for breaking up conspiracy to defraud the US government in matters of land in California, denouncing secession and loving this country more than he loved himself. You can read all about him here! Thanks, Wikipedia. Stanton was also the second American, US Presidents aside, to appear on a postage stamp. Conveniently enough, this stamp from 1871 highlights Stanton’s righteous beard. Trible’s real reason for choosing the name: "Just put up a framed print of Lincoln's cabinet at the house... impressed by beard...wanted to learn more.."
March 22, 2012 — Mel Calabro