I found out about the final print issue of Newsweek when I stumbled on a picture of the cover that friend posted on Instagram earlier this week. This is a sign of the times for the way that I receive most of my news these days. Apparently the magazine announced that it would transition into an all-digital publication months ago, but I must have scrolled past the 140-character text announcement in my Twitter timeline. The final print cover features an archived photograph of the publication’s former Manhattan offices – perhaps a reminder of what the publication once was – juxtaposed with a headline alluding to the source of what contributed to its demise. If you can still pick up a copy, this is a great read. The issue pays bittersweet homage to the rich history of Newsweek including iconic photographs, noteworthy covers, and thoughtful reflection on the 79-year-old publication. The absence of Newsweek on the newsstand will certainly be noticed, but their optimistic embrace of a medium that their competitors will eventually have to dive into with the same earnest is noteworthy. The publication has been part of the news and contemporary website The Daily Beast since 2010 and the first all-digital issue is available online as well as on your tablets starting today. Newsweek covers from NewsweekArchivist.
January 04, 2013 — Ledbury